Introducing the team

Introducing the team

We thought it was about time to introduce the team who established this project just incase you were wondering!

Our little group was started by four of us:

  • John Clark – Writer and formally founder and Director of Bank Street Arts
  • Sarah Grace Dye – Artist, Curator, Educator and has a book in the 2015 Sheffield International Artists Book Prize.
  • Emily Coles – Bank Street Arts volunteer who has spend hours maticulously cataloguing the collection.
  • Amber McNamara – PHd student who has used the collection for research.

We all had an interest in the collection coming at it from different angles but all with the same desire to see it used and available for the public to view.

Our team is now slowly growing to include recently Rosemary Watson, Abi Bryant and Joanne Lee we are looking for other like-minded people to join us. If that is you please do get in touch we would love to hear from you!