Clare Rogers

Clare Rogers

How did you become involved in artist books?

I was introduced to artist books by a printmaking technician while I was at Plymouth University studying fine art. My final body of work included a book ‘Inventory’ which I entered into the Sheffield International Book Prize & Exhibition. Visiting the exhibition opened up a whole new world of handmade artist books and I followed this with a solo exhibition at Bank Street Arts. Since then I have taken part in the Sunderland Book Project, Counter Plymouth and BABE.

What is the focus of your practice?

My books contain poetry, prose and lists, often created by extracting text from other sources. I focus on the spatial quality of the text on the page as well as its meaning. Drawing, printmaking and photography add visual elements that support my themes of response to events, stories, people and places. Most of my books are made in multiples and a lot are A6 in size.

What are you working on at the moment?

My recent work is a series of A6 books titled ‘The Museum of Loss’. Using photography and extracted text from my family archives, I am creating short poems/prose that reflect information about family members.


Twitter: @ClareRogersArt