BBB Books Collective

BBB Books Collective

How did you become involved in artist’s books?

BBB Books are a three person collective, comprising of Holly Birtles, Tim Burrough & Rita Byon, who are connected by an interest in surface, process and the photographic image represented in book form. Through collaborative projects and individual works they explore human memory, bodily engagement, landscape and the natural environment. They use a combination of digital capture, risograph, letterpress and hand printed B&W prints in their finished works. Comprising of graduates from Slade School of Fine Art and Camberwell College of Art, BBB Books members live and work in London, UK and Seoul, Korea.

What is the focus of your practice?

BBB Books Collective brings together photography, text and printmaking in small run artists books.  

What are you working on at the moment?

Independent photographic projects, including: found belongings, music collaborations and video, performance, prop production, walking/archiving and subsequent publications of revised concepts. 

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